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How our service works (and what to expect):

Same-Day Evaluation

During the evaluation we put all costs on paper up front for you to review.

We realize that the property's condition may be holding things up for you.

A Green Clean sales representative will arrive at your site (generally the same day that you contact us) to visually evaluate the task at hand with you in-person.

If we cannot make it out the same day, we will arrive onsite within 24 hours.

We can begin work in as soon as 24 hours.  For larger projects, please allow at least 3 business days lead time.

We will begin initial planning of your clean up project before we ever start so when we arrive on day 1 everything is on schedule.  A system of advance pre-planning and itemizing every detail is invaluable in the prompt resolution of your troubled property.
All-Inclusive Proposal Provided
  • Comprehensive proposal provided on the spot.
    Each and every item listed.  This allows you to "pick and choose" the services that best meet your needs.

  • We will also suggest the most cost-effective strategy when preparing your itemized estimate.  We will also instantly send you an email for your records.

  • Expanded services such as demolition, power-washing or lock changes listed separately on each proposal.

  • Auxiliary power or water requirements addressed.

  • What equipment we will bring on each day and any special equipment necessary.

  • Timely duration of the job as well as delivery dates and removal dates for all equipment and services provided.

  • The number of workers you can expect to see on the job site each day.  Supplemental labor also available for any special projects that require specific attention.

Green Clean - One Call Cleans it All (316) 821-0202

Three Thorough Cleaning Stages
First Day First Day Second Day
A thorough removal of everything from the property at your discretion, inside and out.

All recyclable items are collected for environmentally-
friendly disposal.

All useable items are processed for donation.

Complete sweep of premises inside and out.

Sweep and vacuum of floors / carpet, fixtures, walls, window sills, counters, cabinets and baseboards in all rooms.

Also includes sheds, garages and utility areas.

Includes cob web removal from floor to ceiling.

Complete interior scrub-down using biodegradable cleaners.

Includes cleaning and disinfecting of all rooms, cabinets, appliances and fixtures.

Interior glass cleaned, all floors mopped and carpets spot-cleaned.

Complete hose-down of all concrete.

Grass cut included.

* Stains not guaranteed to be removed but will be disinfected.

With Green Clean it's as easy as 1-2-3!

Prompt Service
We'll Get There And Get Right On It - AND GET IT DONE - Usually Within 48 Hours from when you call.  And we have all our contacts in position and stand ready to serve you at the drop of a hat.

When you approve a plan of action, we will immediately put your project on the schedule.  Most jobs can begin within 48 hours.

The majority of jobs will be completed in 2 days with a potential maximum timeframe of 1 week for very large cleaning projects.

Most jobs range from $500 to $5,000 but could be less on a small clean.  We price our services based on cost of equipment and number of laborers needed.  50% down is due at commencement and 50% is due at completion.

Turn-key Bonus Equipment and Services Available

This Multiquip 70 kilowatt generator delivers dependable, uninterrupted power that is as pleasing to the user as it is to the environment.  The DCA-70 operates at a whisper-quiet 60dBA full load at 23 feet.  This electric-starting unit operates with the strength of a 90-horsepower John Deere diesel engine.
An advantage of hiring Green Clean is the convenience of turn-key services whatever the scope of the task at hand.  We will recommend the right tools and services for the job.
  • Material-handling suits and equipment designed for unfavorable or hazardous conditions.  More on Suits.
  • Skid Steer or Skid Loader for big heavy exterior cleanup or demo jobs.
  • Generator Rental for whole-house power or portable generators.
  • Work Lighting for basement cleanup or after-dark efforts.
  • Mobile Restrooms.
  • Water Tanks or Water Pumps.
  • Tents.
  • Additional Trucks or Trailers.

Common Special Equipment or Optional Services
Typical Included Services:
Complete waste removal
interior and exterior.
All outside yard refuse, trash, tree limbs / wood, metal, concrete debris removed from outside. All inside furniture, old carpet, old curtains, dishes, clothing, boxes, household products - everything indoors is removed. ALL RECYCLABLES loaded and taken to recycling center.  This includes all glass, paper, plastic, metal, untreated wood & demolition debris. ALL UNWANTED USEABLE ITEMS removed, loaded and donated to charity.
Complete sweep, dust and vacuum of entire premises in and out. All mini blinds, fixtures, drawers, cabinets, baseboards, door jambs & window sills vacuumed. All cobwebs removed floor to ceiling (includes ceiling fans). All exterior concrete and patios hosed down. Entire interior scrubbed from top to bottom using environment-friendly cleaners.
All fixtures, window coverings, kitchens, bathrooms, utility areas cleaned and disinfected. All baseboards, door jambs, window sills, light switches and doors cleaned. All inside glass, mirrors and windows cleaned and stickers removed. Appliances cleaned including stoves, refrigerators, air-conditioners and water heaters. Mopping of all floors, carpet spot cleaned.

Others Things You Could Use:

Exterior demolition of old sheds or small structures. Light Carpentry such as replace piece of siding, fascia or window screen. Tree Limbs chipped into mulch. Junk Cars, Boats, Trailers hauled off. Pools Drained.
Power Wash
Expanded Lawn Care      
Full carpet treatments Light demolition such as temporary fixtures.

Heavier Demolition

Light rough or finish carpentry. Light painting or touch-ups (matching available). Mini Blind Install
Light Timers or
Light Bulbs
Re Locks Before and After Photos Winterizations Drive-by Services
or Visitations

Common Equipment:

Flatbed or Cargo Trailer Dump Trailer 1-Ton Truck Skid Steer Water Truck
Trash Pump (water) Portable or
Wood Chipper or
Stump Grinder
Roll Off Containers
Portable Trash
Wheelbarrow Hand Truck Fan Work Light Extension Ladder
Light Demolition and Clean up / Construction and Demolition Debris Removal
In addition to the demolition and cleanup of old small structures, another surprise may be when a tenant may have taken on
"a project of their own" without your knowledge.  This could range from a demolition that they started themselves and did not complete or other hasty projects.

We offer LIGHT DEMOLITION and DEMOLITION CLEANUP and are equipped to complete all your reasonable requests in a timely fashion.


Light Carpentry, Finish Carpentry and Painting
As an added bonus, we offer select carpentry services and LIGHT FINISH-CARPENTRY in addition to small painting projects.. all from trusted and highly-skilled sources. Light-Home-Repair-Light-Painting-Services-Green-Clean-PS.png (6007448 bytes)
Click for an extra-large up close view of painted stair rails.  We used stripper first to remove old finish.

And Don't Forget About MICE!!

Most folks don't think about it but leaving even a vacant property untreated for mice can cause severe problems.

NOTE: WE WILL NOT USE KILL TRAPS.  Why should a little critter be killed just for trying to get something to eat??  But at the same time you do not want to carelessly release them either, they may infest another unsuspecting homeowner or otherwise become victim to predators.

We take the time to drive many miles or to an animal sanctuary for responsible release.

In an occupied house, a family of mice can wreak havoc on the pantry.
In a vacant property, mice can ruin appliances (and they will chew through plastic or vinyl water lines in search of water) and damage interior walls.  Additionally they will leave trails of excrement that doesn't look good to potential buyers!  

A Note from the Owner:

My professional business management experience has seasoned my abilities to coordinate large projects in a fast paced, demanding environment and a deadline-intense industry.

My diversified hands-on background has taught me these 3 simple things:

  • 1). Arrive first, participate (not just supervise) and leave last.
  • 2.) Utilize well-researched and reliable task-tested vendors.
  • 3.) Finish the project early and under budget (without sacrificing quality).
And I WORK too... you will not see me sitting on the job (or sitting in the office with a lily-white shirt)!  A lot of clients like this.  If you want a proactive owner that will be there from start to finish then give Green Clean a call.

(316) 755-6303

Me helping with a household fluid drop at Sedgwick. County Environmental Facility.



 (316) 755-6303


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